I started painting in oils with the encouragement of local artist, Bob Doney. (He gave me my first set of paints and brushes). But, I didn’t start to understand the medium until further studies with David Cook.

Since then, I have painted primarily landscapes and still life. I prefer to work “en plain aire” as the french say, or directly from the subject, outdoors. My subjects range from Venice, New Orleans, and Switzerland, to the nearby Delaware River. Lately, I have been exploring flowers painted directly with heavy impasto.

After I discovered the work of Tad Spurgeon I began using his methods of hand-refining linseed oil, combining it with marble dust to form a translucent putty. The method is solvent-free, archival, and allows me to alter and adjust the medium to suit my needs. I’ve also begun using traditional gesso on linen either on panels or stretched. Again, with a focus on process I find I’m able to have a dialogue with my materials, responding and adjusting as the work progresses.

For my thoughts about this an other subjects, follow my blog, “where thou art”.

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